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Berkshire Real Estate is our profession.  Here at Harsch Associates Real Estate we have sold over $527 Million Dollars of property all over the Berkshires including Williamstown, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington.  As a Realtor Emeritus, Paul Harsch has more than 40 years of experience in guiding sales to closings.  Our real estate agents offer the professionalism you expect from Top Producers.  Call us today to begin your journey from sale to SOLD. 

Williams College Williamstown MA is number one in the nation

Williams College Williamstown MA is the best in the nation again 2011.

Forbes Magazine recently announced that Williams College in Williamstown MA is rated #1 in the nation.  See the article below courtesy of  ABC online news.

"For the second year in a row, Williams College, a small, western-Massachusetts liberal arts school, has been [...]

Harsch Real Estate Friends Find It Faster

We have some Berkshires Advice.  Go North!  There is GOLD in those hills!  Northern Berkshire County is a golden treasure chest of great home buys!

"Go North" was once the resounding cry of the Alaskan Gold Rush days.  Gold was to be found in the Alaskan Mountains. The same is true of  our Northern Berkshire properties and towns.  When [...]

3 Magic Words to Sell or Buy the Home you Want

Is there a rule of thumb in the Berkshire Real Estate  market for how much below the asking pricea potential buyer should initially offer for a listing? 10 percent below? 20 percent below?

This seems like an easy question, but unfortunately quick fix answers will  not work in the Williamstown MA real estate market.   The magic words to begin the process of negotiation are [...]

Minimum home improvements to make before you sell

Patch all holes and cracks in walls and ceilings. Check with your local Home Depot or Hardware store for the items needed to make these easy do it yourself repairs.   Inspect every room for spider webs and lint clinging to ceilings.  A simple long handled duster will make short work and give a cheap face lift to an aging room.  Don't forget [...]

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on selling your Home.

Neutrality Sells. As a general rule homeowners are shocked by buyers first impression of their home.  The seller associates " home" with a lifestyle they cherish which may include  family members (kids/parents/friends), pets, vocations/avocations and the many objects they have collected for each unique interest.  It can be slightly [...]

Home Newsletter April 2011-House-onality Quizzes


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Berkshire Real Estate Agent Facilitation Brokerage |What is it?


Anyone in Williamstown or Berkshire County who expects to collect a fee for selling real estate in Massachusetts MUST be Licensed in Massachusetts.  A large percentage of real estate licensees are members of the National Association of Realtors (registered trademark), the trade organization of the profession.  Only members of [...]

10 Personality Quizzes | Which house personality are you?

Harsch Real Estate of Williamstown MA gives you links to help you find your House Personality with online Quizzes.  With so many Berkshire homes and decorating themes to choose from the average Williamstown or Great Barrington home buyer can become overwhelmed.  How can you decide which Berkshire County house will fit your personality


Spring Fever in the Berkshires- Seven Tip for Selling your Berkshire Home

Spring has officially sprung and mud season is upon the Berkshires.  Williamstown, Stockbridge, Lenox, Great Barrington,  and the Berkshires in general are thawing and the smell of fresh green is in the air.  Shopping for a new nest is what spring is all about.  Sunshine and warm weather causes buyers to feel that  same longing for a new [...]

Berkshire Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis


A comparative Market Value Analysis or "CMA" in Realtor speak is a Broker price opinion based on the current real estate Market in Williamstown or the  Berkshires or your real estate location.  "Your location" is the key word here.  The same home in Palm Springs Florida may sell for far more than a similar home in Hancock MA.   Location  [...]

Making your Universe safe- Universal Home Design

Picture this:  you arrive home late from a long day at work, you have an armful of groceries along with the mail  and your trying to turn that door knob and get in without dropping everything.  Sounds pretty routine doesn't it?     It would be much easier if the door had a lever style handle that you could just push down.  Also a wider [...]

Harsch Real Estate Pays it Forward

Paul Harsch and Dave Rempell (Williamstown Town Youth Center)

            Paul Harsch of Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate believes in community first. Harsch states, "It is a core value of our agency."  We  announced the Harsch Charitable Gifting Program  recipients of our 2010 campaign today and checks are being mailed to all [...]

Williamstown Real Estate- Is that listing REALLY new?

Churning a listing.  Resetting the clock.  NEW listing.  Really?   Churning the listing occurs when a seller takes their home off the market for a few days or weeks and then re-introduces the home as new to the market.  Churning a listing is as old as the real estate sales profession.  At one time I suppose it was easier to convince a buyer [...]

Wall Street Journal Reviews The Clark's Portrait Exhibit

Williamstown, Mass. 

This article is authored by Karen Wilken of the Wall Street Journal

Ms. Wilkin writes about art for the Journal.

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute here is a magnet for summer visitors. A quirky collection with many high points, special summer exhibitions, a recently completed building by Tadao Ando, walking


Going, going, gone!


Writing about Williamstown Real Estate and Berkshire county in general we do not foresee auctions on the rise but we do see real estate activity on the upswing. The increase in real estate sales activity will be welcome news for Berkshire County sellers who have endured some pretty lean years since the bubble burst in [...]

Delicate Balance

Delicate Balance 

The Berkshires are a spectacular geographical location that blends culture, proximity to urban amenities yet sufficient distance from urban sprawl along with unmatched natural scenic splendor.  Apparently, the experts agree since the Berkshires are cited in National Geographic's Traveler magazine as one of the top 10 [...]

Heart and Home and You


As Valentines Day approaches we at Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate think of candy, roses, hearts, and the color red. February is the month we celebrate love and pay homage to Cupid.  It is also American Heart Health month. Most people are aware that heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, yet we still seem to [...]

Making the Move Positive| Relocating with a spouse/partner

Making the Move Positive!  Spouse/Partner career opportunity means moving home.

Moving home is complicated and emotionally exhausting in the best of situations.  The best of situations in these economic times can mean your spouse/partner has been offered a great job.  The Catch 22 is that you as the partner in this relationship will also [...]

Relocation Stress Syndrome Helping the Elderly Cope with a Move


Relocation Stress Syndrome: Providing Tender Care.....

Moving is a change that takes more than coordination, and can be quite a burden on the elderly.  These transitions are also difficult for immediate family members.  Assisting an elderly parent or relative in relocation involves both physical and emotional responsibility.  The [...]