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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on selling your Home.

Neutrality Sells. As a general rule homeowners are shocked by buyers first impression of their home.  The seller associates " home" with a lifestyle they cherish which may include  family members (kids/parents/friends), pets, vocations/avocations and the many objects they have collected for each unique interest.  It can be slightly "insulting" to hear that a buyer thinks the home has an unpleasant odor, is too cramped without enough open space and that the level of cleanliness isn't up to standard.

neutral home

Neutral Colors Can Sell your Home Faster.

Every home has a unique smell of combined foods, pets, furniture, aging building materials, moisture or dampness and neighborhood/urban/country odors common in these locations.   Convincing buyers whose own lifestyle is made up of totally different olfactory and visual experiences to imagine themselves in what is to a buyer a strange environment is a hard sell.   

Neutrality sells.  Neutrality can be quickly be stamped with the personality of any buyer.  Neutral odors, neutral wall colors, and universally appealing arrangements of furniture and decorative items.   Your Williamstown home for sale should be depersonalized and made to appear unoccupied but remain warmly welcoming. A Neutral home is more likely than a unique home to appeal to any buyer on first sight. 
The simple act of neutralizing your home is not costly.  Take down personal photos, remove personal trophies/memorabilia and personal hygiene items from all counters.  Clean and clear every inch of counter space and store your personal and food items out of sight neatly in drawers and cabinets.  Clean Carpets with odor neutralizing and sanitizing chemicals often found at industrial cleaning supply stores.  Purchase odor neutralizing automatic air fresheners.  Clean air vents with a vacumm (including those in bathrooms).  If you can manage it paint all walls in neutral beige or off white colors.  Box up all items in the basement and garage that you will not be using this season and label and store them neatly on shelving.  More ways to declutter and neutralize your Williamstown home for sale can be found at these websites.  Staging your home to sell.   7 ways to make your home neutral.