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10 Personality Quizzes | Which house personality are you?

house quiz

House-onality and Personality- Take the Quiz

Harsch Real Estate of Williamstown MA gives you links to help you find your House Personality with online Quizzes.  With so many Berkshire homes and decorating themes to choose from the average Williamstown or Great Barrington home buyer can become overwhelmed.  How can you decide which Berkshire County house will fit your personality best?  We went online to check out a few quizzes which will get you started in the right direction.  Happy House-onality Hunting! 

This quiz allows you to draw a house and then provides you with an analysis of your personality.  Artistic skills aside you can learn alot about what you want and desire in life by doing this simple drawing quiz and then save it and compare it with what your friends drew.    Draw a house 

  Are you or your kids into Harry Potter?  You may not have a magic hat to help you find that perfect home so maybe this quiz will point you in the right direction.  Take the Which Hogwarts House are you quiz and find out where you belong at Hogwarts Academy.  Don't worry they have no final score that indicates you are a muggle. Go for it! 

Do you want to know about what your choice of home says about your relationships?    You and your significant other live and love together everyday.  Wouldn't you love to know what your lifestyle says about the home you choose.  Find out now!  You can take this quiz. 

What is your color personality?  Are you a spring, summer, fall or winter or a multi-season color person.  Why waste time on the fuschia ombre mushroom color if you actually would be more satisfied with chocolate mocha brownie beige.  If you want to refine your color choices before you paint or decorate, take this quiz from House Beautiful. 

Designing woman or man?  You have a flair for making a statement don't you?  We thought so.  Take a home decorating personality quiz at this site to learn your Design Personality. 

THE Royal Wedding of this century is coming up.  We are all awaiting the extravaganza with delight and curiousity!  Where will the prince and princess live?  Heck, where would you live best if you were one of the Royalty? Which Royal Palace is your Dream HOME?  You can get the answer by taking the Palace quiz. 

We all have a passion and vision about what we will accomplish in life and where we will live in order to accomplish our goals.  Ideally we all would nest in a home that projected who we are and what we believe in.  So why don't we?  Well maybe we just don't know what our ideal nest looks like.  What is your IDEAL Dream House?  You can find out now by taking this quiz. 

 What is your personality?  Zany, serious or impulsively joyous, you name it and we can  find it.  Personality and Home can be a statement of what you are passionate about.  House plus personality gives you your Houseonality profile.  Take this quiz before you home shop. 

Do it yourself.  Lowes, Home Depot and countless online UTube instructional videos want us to "Do It Yourself."  What is your "Do It Yourself" personality?  Take the DIY quiz to decide whether to build that deck by yourself or NOT. 

Fashion week is coming up in Paris and New York.  The world would be boring and so much duller without the fashion mavens who direct our hemlines and color choices.  Which Fashion House (Dior, Gucci or Betsey Johnson) suits your personality?  Take the Fashion House quiz to up your fashionable quotient.

Now you have ten different personality and house-onality results.  Ready to begin your search for Berkshire Real Estate?  Give us a call and we will match you with the home your desire.  413-458-5000  Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate.