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Berkshire Real Estate is our profession.  Here at Harsch Associates Real Estate we have sold over $527 Million Dollars of property all over the Berkshires including Williamstown, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington.  As a Realtor Emeritus, Paul Harsch has more than 40 years of experience in guiding sales to closings.  Our real estate agents offer the professionalism you expect from Top Producers.  Call us today to begin your journey from sale to SOLD. 

Office For Rent in Williamstown MA- Fleming Professional Building

Office for rent in Williamstown MA.  Rental units have private entry, wheelchair access, covered entry, and all utilities paid . Rental professional office available at this time in the Fleming Building located off Main Street across from the Wild Oats Co-op Store.  Plenty of parking for your clients with private entry for Fleming [...]

Berkshire Realtor Top 10 Tips for Buyers

Top 10 Tips for Buyers

Tip #1

Engage an experienced Berkshire Realtor with a wide variety of knowledge - the more years of proven success and experience the better as your Exclusive Buyer's Representative:

  • Has a genuine knowledge of construction as well as the market so they can help you assess the quality of the homes under consideration as well as location pros and

Berkshire College Towns

Williamstown Real Estate- College Town Living

Williamstown MA real estate agency Harsch Associates offers our readers this  article from the Canada Free Press.   The article appeared on July 31, 2012 and offers the benefits of living in a college town.

Williamstown MA and North Adam s MA are home to several colleges.  Harsch Associates has been serving Berkshire County since 1979 and with over 3000 homes sold.  Visit our  [...]

Berkshire County Real Estate Market 2012

1987 sales compared with 2012 sales in Berkshire County

The silver lining in the present Berkshire County real estate market is the trend we see in rising numbers of transactions leading sellers to believe optimistically that the bottom of the market has been reached. . Total closed sales in Williamstown through May this year were 19, up [...]

Berkshire Real Estate| Good Investment?

The Plight of Today's Seller of Real Estate

The typical seller in today's Berkshire real estate market reflects the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance....that the values and their life savings along with those former values, have tumbled beyond recovery in the foreseeable [...]

Williams College Alumni Weekend Trivia Game Answers

What Year was this the MOST popular Billboard Hit?


Williams College in Williamstown MA will welcome home hundreds of former students this coming weekend (June 7-10) to celebrate reunion weekend.  Williamstown MA will be hopping with families and graduates catching up with old friends and reuniting with classmates.  Harsch [...]

Williamstown Real Estate agency announces Donation Recipients

Harsch Associates Real Estate is pleased to announce the Spring 2012 recipients of the real estate firm's Charitable Gifting Program.


Harsch Associates sets aside 1% of its gross pretax income from each sale and the buyer/seller chooses their favorite charity organizations to receive the money. Listing property or buying property through a [...]

How much is my Property Worth| Williamstown and the Berkshires Real Estate

Winners and Losers in Real Estate

How Much Is That Person's Coffee Mug ( Seller's Property) Worth?

Why is it more difficult now to bring buyers and sellers together in real estate transactions than just a few years ago? Princeton economist Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winning author of Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow sheds light on this seemingly perplexing question. Take a simple coffee mug for [...]

Williamstown Home Sales Upswing First Quarter of 2012

The Article Below is Courtesy of an online news source for Berkshire County MA residents

Berkshire County Housing Market On Upswing

By Stephen Dravis Special to iBerkshires 07:10PM / Saturday, April 07, 2012


Berkshire County Real Estate as well as Williamstown Real Estate is showing anecdotal evidence of a good start in [...]

Business Brokerage in Berkshire County


Williamstown real estate agency Harsch Associates has brokered many business sales in Berkshire County MA.  Businesses in Berkshire County range from international corporations like Sabic to the everyday mom and pop main street businesses like small retail businesses and [...]

Williamstown Real Estate Agency Donates Back 1%

Harsch Associates|Williamstown MA| Charitable Donation Program

For all real estate listings placed with Harsch Associates and all purchase agreements signed with buyers, Harsch Associates Real Estate will donate 1% of Harsch Associates' brokerage fees to the clients' choice of a local charitable organization.  The charity must have a 501 [...]

Berkshires Kripalu| Finding your OM

Finding your "OM" in Berkshire County is a great recommendation by Krista Rossow of the National Geographic Society.  She shares with us the article below.  Find more great Spring Travel tips for visiting the Berkshires at this site [...]

Berkshire County Real Estate| Define expert real estate agent.

When it comes to buying a home in the Berkshires does it make sense to seek help from a expert Realtor®?   The simple answer is YES.

Purchasing Williamstown real estate using an expert real estate agent can save you anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.  What is the best way to save money on your [...]

Winter in the Berkshires


Berkshire County entertainment  moves to warmer indoor sites in winter and continues uninterrupted in January and February.   Berkshire County is a winter wonderland  during snow ski season.  But our Berkshire Winter entertainment goes way beyond the  sleek slopes and downhill ski runs.  We are sharing this New York Times Article written [...]

Real Estate Agent Berkshire County- What does your Harsch Associates Agent Do?

What do you do to earn your fee?

You have decided to list your Berkshire property with a discount agency or perhaps sell your Berkshire County property on a "for sale by owner" website. You know that Real Estate Agents  will usually charge a flat fee percentage of the sale price for selling your house. You believe that Realtors® get


Selling your Berkshire home? What celebrities can you identify who are also selling?


Selling your Berkshire real estate can be frustrating in this buyer's market to say the least.  You have done all the right things including cleaning away clutter, increasing the curb appeal and even hired a stager to give you ideas on how to present your home in the best light.  Still no action.  You are not alone.  Even stars have [...]