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Selling your Berkshire home? What celebrities can you identify who are also selling?


Berkshire Real Estate

Selling your Berkshire real estate can be frustrating in this buyer's market to say the least.  You have done all the right things including cleaning away clutter, increasing the curb appeal and even hired a stager to give you ideas on how to present your home in the best light.  Still no action.  You are not alone.  Even stars have difficulty in selling their real estate right now.  We gathered info on 6 celebrities whose real estate is on the market now.  Using our clues can you guess each celebrity whose home is currently on the market.

1.  A real estate tycoon who took a 38% loss on a home in Rancho Palos Verdes in 2011? But it sold!  The average selling price for Berkshires real estate can fall between 2% and 18% above the appraised value of the home, however it may require dropping the price below the appraised value to stir interest in this economic downturn.  This celebrity is a master at buying and selling real estate.

2. A star who is quite the spy reduced his home in Malibu by 30% in 2011.  The star is still waiting for an offer.  Location, location, location doesn't seem to have the same meaning as it did during the first decade of the new millennium.   This home is located in a very desirable spot.

3. She impressed us by Dancing with the Stars and has reduced the price of her Maine home by 15%. No Sale.  New England home sales may be inching up very slowly but they remain down in Berkshire County.  Berkshire County is traditionally a second home market and unfortunately a second home will be low on the "must have" scale when the stock market reduces retirement savings and portfolios and bonuses shrink.

4.  He has a super model ex- wife and  a big string of hits but these things aren't helping this fellow sell his house.   He has reduced his home  price by 26% since listing.  No sale yet.  Reducing the price of your Berkshire Home to stir market interest is emotionally difficult.  Consider some soul searching reflection.  Do you really want to sell, do you need to sell and are you totally committed to the sale.  If not, then take your home off the market and resign yourself to living in your home until times get better.  Economists are predicting better years ahead perhaps in 2015.

5.. Lovers can come and go but in this market real estate seems to stick with you forever or so it seems for this award winning country music singer who recently divorced and has lowered the price of her home 3 times  (16%) No Sale yet.    The moment you place your Berkshire "home" on the market it becomes your "product."  Promoting your product is the most important goal in this highly competitive marketplace.  Make your Berkshire home available to show within hours and on weekends if you hope to interest a buyer.  Many sellers request a 24 hour notice and will turn down Realtors(R) who ask to show the home the same afternoon they call.  When a buyer finds the right home the home clicks and a sale is on the way.  If you turn any showing down, then the buyer will simply move on to the next house in a nanosecond without a second thought about your Berkshire property.

6. This hulky star who wrestled his way to the top is now wrestling with selling his home by lowering the price down 26.1 % since listed.  No sale yet.  Selling a home in the 2012 market will require patience and the skill of a master negotiator and experienced Realtor(R) whether you are a celebrity seller or a local seller in the Berkshires.  Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate will market your product and increase your chances of selling in many ways that other local agents cannot.  Call Harsch Associates today to discuss how we can help by  listing your home in time for the spring market upswing!  413-458-5000

Answers to Quiz-  1. Donald Trump, 2. Pierce Brosnan, 3. Kersti Alley, 4. Billy Joel, 5. Leanne Rimes, 6. Hulk Hogan