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Berkshire Real Estate is our profession.  Here at Harsch Associates Real Estate we have sold over $527 Million Dollars of property all over the Berkshires including Williamstown, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington.  As a Realtor Emeritus, Paul Harsch has more than 40 years of experience in guiding sales to closings.  Our real estate agents offer the professionalism you expect from Top Producers.  Call us today to begin your journey from sale to SOLD. 

Williamstown and Berkshires Real Estate Trends for 2011


Time Magazine 2005- Buy Real Estate!

In September of 2010 I completed my 35th year in Williamstown real estate. There was a time when counting the years in my early career meant simply lasting from one year to the next in business. I recall how I began my career right around Labor Day of 1975 with high hopes and many trepidations, [...]

Lenox Real Estate- A look back over 2010

  1. The number of active listings for Lenox MA in 2010 fell 19% over the number listed in 2009.
  2. The number of new listings in Lenox MA for 2010 was down 11% over the new listings in 2009.
  3. Homes under contract as of Dec 29, 2010 was up 24% over those under contract at the same time last year.
  4. The number of residential homes sold as of Dec 29, 2010 was up 44% over those sold at the same time last
  5. [...]

Bennington VT Real Estate- Moose Bliss

Bennington Real Estate is offered through Harsch Associates Berkshires Real Estate Serving Southern Vermont for 31 years.  A top 10 tourist event in Southern Vermont is the yearly Moosefest.  Tourists come to see the most unusual flock of moose in Northern New England and indeed in the world.  Click the moose photo to see the entire flock in [...]

Berkshire Real Estate Agency | Compatible with your buying needs?

R.E.Harmony: Finding a compatible Berkshire Real Estate Agent


the commission for the sale of a house is almost always paid for by the seller, buyers are able to get assistance and information from Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Agents, usually at no cost to them. It is for this reason that the vast majority of Berkshire county [...]

Fair Price?

Fair Market Real Estate Value Defined- Berkshire Real Estate

Berkshire home sellers can teeter between hope and worry in the housing market in the Berkshires. Berkshire buyers are confused and hesitant.  Real estate agents often fall somewhere in between the emotions of hope and despair depending on the particular day and month.  Our [...]

Don't Ask, Don't Tell- Things your Real Estate Agent Shouldn't Discuss with you

A good Williamstown real estate agent is very familiar with the neighborhoods where he or she shows properties. But because of legislation called the Fair Housing Act, the agent can't legally share all of that information with you.  When searching with your Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate agent for properties in Stockbridge, Lenox, [...]

Williamstown MA Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate | Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate located in Williamstown MA presents Holiday Fire Safety Tips to assure that your holiday starts and ends joyously and safely.  We have been selling homes for over 35 years and assisting buyers in Williamstown and Berkshire county in obtaining the perfect home for their family.  As Realtors(R) we know [...]

Williamstown MA Reindog Walk| Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Williamstown MA located in Berkshire County and home of Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate has a Christmas Tradition which benefits our four footed furry orphans at our local Humane Society.  The Williamstown Annual Reindog Parade includes dogs of every size, shape and color who parade in full festive costume down Spring Street along [...]

The Paomnnehal Pweor of the Hmuan Mnid: Why you need a professional Home Inspection BEFORE you list your property.

We all believe we truly "see" what we are looking at (at least most of the time).  It is no secret (especially among police detectives and attorneys ) that seeing things with our own eyes does not mean we actually "see" or remember the details.  Read the few lines below and you will understand how your mind can help and hinder you by [...]

How long can you wait before breaking out the rake?


       Fall season is the time for yard clean ups and readying your home for the cold winter ahead.  Living in Berkshire County which is famous for the fabulous fall colors displayed by maples, oak and birch we are very aware of falling leaves.  Take a minute and review our safety tips to make the coming winter months a safe and happy [...]

Town versus Gown: Scoring a Touchdown deal in Real Estate!

The newest property investment niche is buying real estate in a college town where the great mix of affordable homes and higher quality of life include low crime rates, better-than-average schools, thriving cultural venues, and quality health care facilities/providers make the living easy.  Rutgers University completed a study in 2009 [...]

Buying the Listing. Conflict of Interest?

Berkshires Real Estate Market Value Opinions can often reflect serious Conflicts of Interest

Sellers of real estate tend to seek the advice of one or more Realtors ® to provide a market value opinion upon which to base a listing price.  Home valuation advice from Realtors® can be fraught with conflict of interest. The Realtor® is strongly [...]

The Deal in the Berkshires- Housing Market figures

Sizing up vacation destinations

courtesy of

A roundup of how some of the biggest second-home markets around the region are faring

May 01, 2010 07:00AM

By Sarah Ryley

From left: Fire Island, Martha's VineyardFrom the splashy beaches of the Hamptons to the rolling [...]

Berkshire Vintage Perfection. Adaptive Reuse Condominiums

Adaptive Reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses while retaining their historic features.  The simplest example of architectural adaptive reuse is the antique barn resurrected as a unique and stunning new residential home.   Initially architects and structural engineers evaluate foundations, beams, columns and flooring to [...]

Stockbridge Real Estate- Living the Simple Life



Living the simple life the Stockbridge Real Estate way 

  This May plan yourself a day exploring some of the most historical real estate in the Berkshires.  Choose a Colonial (1730's) or a Gilded Age ( read Carnegie and Vanderbilt) Cottage Mansion for your architectural tour and see both in one small Berkshire County town.  [...]

No Deal. Qualified Seller? Maybe Not.




No Deal. Qualified Seller? Maybe Not. 

 The moments we remember fondly always involve wonderful times in life when everyone seems contented and things just hum along happily.  In real estate terms, good markets are when things are more or less "in balance."  In the Berkshires, we remember this period as the all time great "seller's [...]

Open the Floodgate_Lower the Price


Open the Floodgate- Lower the Price

A recent article in the New York Times carried the title "Dry Your Eyes and Lower the Price."  That is timely advice if your home is on the market this season.   Lots of tissue will come in handy as your realtor provides you with a market analysis, which may indicate that homes are selling from 9% to [...]