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Berkshire Real Estate Agency | Compatible with your buying needs?

R.E.Harmony: Finding a compatible Berkshire Real Estate Agent


the commission for the sale of a house is almost always paid for by the seller, buyers are able to get assistance and information from Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Agents, usually at no cost to them. It is for this reason that the vast majority of Berkshire county home buyers employ the services of a professional Berkshire County Real Estate Agent for their purchase. In addition, since Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate has every Berkshire County property available at your fingertips, including Stockbridge Real Estate, Lenox Real Estate, Great Barringtown Real Estate, Williamstown Real Estate and many listings in New York State and Southern Vermont our Real Estate Agents can offer you many types of representation.
The relationship between a home buyer and a their Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Agent is a little like a marriage: it must be based on trust, mutual goals (to get you the house that best suits your needs!) and understanding. To a large degree, the home buyer entrusts their Agent to always keep their (the buyer's) interest first and foremost. It is important that you understand who your Agent represents. Seller's Agency and Buyer's Agency and Facilitation Agency will affect your relationship with your Williamstown/Berkshires real estate agent.


What to look for in an Agent
An understanding of your needs which requires spending time with you in discussing your list of wants.
A willingness to work with you until your needs are fulfilled as much as is possible.
A sense of professionalism.  Look for someone who works in Berkshire real estate full time with years of experience.
Someone who is dedicated to their profession and has obtained special certifications indicating expert knowledge.  Ask how the agent will help you to find your dream home in the Berkshires and expect a clear answer.
A familiarity with Berkshire County Real Estate or any other area in which you have an interest.
A familiarity with the price range in which you have an interest, ask about the price range of homes your agent has brokered in the past two years.
Professional designations: for example, GRI--Graduate of the REALTORS® Institute, or CRS--Certified Residential Specialist are important and provide additional expertise that can make your purchase easier.
  Strong references from previous buyers, look for those on the website and if possible speak with someone who has worked with your Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate agent to buy a home.
Questions to ask a prospective Agent
How long have you been in Real Estate in Williamstown or the Berkshires? How many Williamstown Homes have you sold?  How many Berkshire County Homes have you sold?  How long have you been selling homes in Williamstown?
Are you a full time agent?  If possible find an agent whose true profession is real estate.  This agent will have experience in all kinds of negotiations and will most likely anticipate any issues before they arise and solve them quickly..  How many hours a day does your agent devote to Real Estate Transactions in the Berkshires, New York State and Southern Vermont.  Does your agent have an office or do they work from a home computer?
Are you familiar with Williamstown and the Berkshires?  Ask about a particular town and then expect the agent to give you descriptions in detail of the location and types of homes available in that area.
How many Berkshire home sales did you participate in the last two years?  Getting this number will reveal your agent's ability to find you a home, negotiate the sale and close the deal.  This is one of the most important questions you can ask.  Expect a truthful answer and always investigate to verify the answer you receive.
What is the average sold price of the Berkshire homes you sold last year?  Getting this information should be easy for the agent if they are a member of a professional listing service.  The information is easily obtained by the agent through their Multiple Listing Service or Berkshire Board of Realtors website.
Do you normally work with Berkshire sellers or Berkshire buyers and do you offer facilitation as a method of negotiating a contract?  Facilitation is a similar to mediation.  All parties work together to obtain the best possible outcome.  This real estate transaction method avoids many of the litigation pitfalls sometimes seen in home purchases.
How many Berkshire buyers are you presently working with? How many Berkshire sellers?  How many Berkshire home sales have come about through your facilitation?
Where do you feel your strengths lie?  Is your agent capable of searching and finding a home for you that meets your needs, can your agent negotiate as long as needed to reach a consensus and get you the home?  Is your agent available during regular business hours and possibly evenings to discuss your immediate concerns?  Does your agent have a successful website that offers you every Berkshires Real Estate listing and regional listing?  How quickly does your agent respond to your concerns?
What buyers that you have worked with can you give me as references?  Get the references in writing if possible.  Most agents will have a file of reference letters if they have been in the real estate business for more than a few years.  Many agency website have reference letters available online.What is the toughest negotiation issue you have solved for your buyer?  Expect an exact description of what happened and how your agent resolved the issue and brought the deal to a close in a positive way.Finally, be an educated Berkshire property buyer.  Research other websites such as,, and to learn about all the issues that need to be considered when buying a home in Williamstown, Stockbridge, Lenox, Great Barrington, New York State and Southern Vermont.  No question is too small to ask.  Every answer should be provided before you choose your real estate partner.
Where to find an Agent
Be aware: If you search for homes first and contact the Agent who has a particular property listed, that Agent will may be a seller's agent representing only the seller (unless the listing agreement is a facilitation agreement.  In this case the agent will work to bring both the buyer and seller together to a mutually satisfying deal.)  Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate offers many properties through facilitation. 
Search newspaper and homes magazines ads for Berkshire real estate agents who offer every form of representation (Buyer, Seller and Facilitation).  Know what dual agency is and ask your agent if they are representing you or the seller or if they specialize in facilitation.  Never assume the agent is working for you unless you have signed an agency disclosure which details what your agent will do for you.