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You Do Go Home Again

There is no place like home.

You do go home again.

The idea that our tastes and choices are shaped by our environmental history is the basis for "design psychology."  Design psychology has Jungian undertones associates with the domain of "environmental memories" or "self-place connection."  Toby Israel, author of  Some Place Like Home: Using Design Psychology to Create Ideal Places contends that each of us possesses our own unique environmental autobiography.

We carry this environmental autobiography with us into adulthood and often choose homes and locations to live that are very similar to our cherished memories.  When shopping for a new home a buyer may be drawn to a particular house or location without fully understanding why.   The buyer will say "this house/place  just feels like home."

Realtors commonly hear a buyer say "this house reminds me of my grandmothers cottage or my parents home"  when describing why they (the buyer) feel drawn to a particular property.   A seller who understands that a buyer is working from "personal autobiography" will not be unduly disappointed to learn that their home was not chosen even though it was priced right and always shows well in open houses. 

A seller can help make their property more buyer friendly by depersonalizing the home.  Depersonalizing a home involves removing most if not all memorabilia that is personal such as family photos and trophies and favorite sporting themes.  The seller should aim to make their property a blank canvas upon which a buyer can draw their own personal memories.  

Compare your "for sale" property with the page of a book.  Aim to make the page clean and white again with no written  memories or stories.  Allow the buyer to write their own personal  story on the blank page your are providing and chances are good you will receive an offer to buy.   To talk about showing your home to best advantage or buying your next home call Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate.  Our agents are waiting to help you "go home again." or 413-458-5000