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Stockbridge Real Estate- Living the Simple Life



Living the simple life the Stockbridge Real Estate way 

  This May plan yourself a day exploring some of the most historical real estate in the Berkshires.  Choose a Colonial (1730's) or a Gilded Age ( read Carnegie and Vanderbilt) Cottage Mansion for your architectural tour and see both in one small Berkshire County town.  Stockbridge Massachusetts known far and wide by a famous Normal Rockwell painting called "Mainstreet" is also the home of Mission House and Naumkeag. 

Mission House is located on the same Main Street that is the subject of the Rockwell painting. 

Mission house was the first home of missionaries to the Mohican Indians.   The Rev. John Sergeant lived among the Mohicans in the mid 1730s until he married Abigail Williams in 1739 and built for her the Mission House.  The home was disassembled and relocated from Prospect Hill to the current location in 1926 by Miss Mabel Choate who was also the owner of nearby Naumkeag. 

At Mission House you can relive early Colonial Life through the eyes of John and Abigail.  The home is furnished with an outstanding collection of 18th century American pieces.  A particular jewel in this Colonial setting is the Colonial Revival Garden which features a dooryard garden divided by crushed stone paving which features over 100 herbs, perennials and annuals that had medicinal and culinary value to early settlers.   When you have stepped from early American Colonial days travel into the Gilded Age by heading to Naumkeag.

A gracious luxurious retreat from Apil-November, Naumkeag is the family home of Joseph Choate and his daughter Miss Mabel Choate.  Magnificent.  The word that describes the panoramic views and elegant victorian gardens designed by landscape architect Fletcher Steele.   Walk through the five favorite gardens:
  • Afternoon Garden
  • Tree Peony Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Evergreen Garden
  • Chinese Garden
Then tour the deep blue fountain pools "Blue Steps" as they are called.   The household furnishing and art are intact thanks to The Trustees of Reservations who received the home through bequeath from Miss Mabel Choate in 1959.  Over 11,000 people a year tour this Gilded Age Icon of the Berkshires.

When you decide to sell or purchase your home in South Berkshire County contact Harsch Associates at 413-458-5000.  We have over 35 years of experience in the Berkshires and look forward to helping you find your dream mansion or cottage or mission home.