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Berkshire Real Estate is our profession.  Here at Harsch Associates Real Estate we have sold over $527 Million Dollars of property all over the Berkshires including Williamstown, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington.  As a Realtor Emeritus, Paul Harsch has more than 40 years of experience in guiding sales to closings.  Our real estate agents offer the professionalism you expect from Top Producers.  Call us today to begin your journey from sale to SOLD. 

Is it still a man's world? Buying a home in the Berkshires and Trends in Female home ownership for 2010 and Beyond

Is it still a man's world: Buying a home in the Berkshires and Trends in Female home ownership for 2010 and Beyond 


Nationally households headed by women have grown 400% since 1950.   The increased importance of women in real estate has produced both marketing by gender and paradoxically, marketing NOT by gender.  For example Home Depot [...]

Safe meals?

Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?  Spring 2010

It's that time of the year again when we think of spring cleaning the Berkshires and getting our home ready for the season to come.  Here in the Berkshires this time of year is known as the mud season and everything around us is an earthy brown.  Then the brown blooms into a [...]

Good Reasons for Lowering Your Price

Housing prices are, as economists say, "sticky downward." While stock prices can plunge dramatically in a single day,

housing prices sometimes take years before they fall enough to restore the balance between supply and demand.

Don't blame buyers for this. They always adjust quite readily to the new reality of lower housing prices. [...]

Pending Home Sales Down from Surge but Higher than a Year Ago

Berkshire homeowners, buyers and sellers are very much aware of the trend in home sales described in the article below.  Berkshire home sales have trended downward for months and 2010 seems to indicate that this downward trend in Berkshire County is leveling off.  Here at Harsch we evaluate all trends related to Berkshire home buyers and [...]

Adaptive Reuse: Building on Tradition

Adaptive Reuse is a process that adapts buildings for new uses while retaining their historic features.  The simplest example of architectural adaptive reuse is the antique barn resurrected as a unique and stunning new residential home.   Initially architects and structural engineers evaluate foundations, beams, columns and flooring to [...]