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Is it still a man's world? Buying a home in the Berkshires and Trends in Female home ownership for 2010 and Beyond

Is it still a man's world: Buying a home in the Berkshires and Trends in Female home ownership for 2010 and Beyond 


Nationally households headed by women have grown 400% since 1950.   The increased importance of women in real estate has produced both marketing by gender and paradoxically, marketing NOT by gender.  For example Home Depot had considered producing and makreting a line of "woman" tools, however gave up after women shared that they wanted quality tools as much a men and not smaller lighter and perceived less sturdy "woman" tools. 

Women are playing greater roles in the Berkshire Housing  market than ever before.  Social and economic trends such a delayed marriage, higher divorce rates, lower remarriage rates and increasing participation in the labor market have given single women a growing presence in the Berkshire housing market.  Fannie Mae estimates that this year there will be 31 million women-headed households in the U.S.  By 2050, women will outnumber men by 6.9 million per the U.S. Census. 

If you are woman looking to buy a home or condo in  the Berkshires these are few important options to investigate.

 Ask your Harsch Associates Berkshire Realtor® about finding sellers that will include "seller contributions" at closing such as paying settlement costs.

  • Grant programs from community groups, private organizations and government tend to favor women.  Search online for woman homebuyer grant programs.
  • Study your home buying options.  One of the most common barriers to women who want to purchase a home is "limited information about home buying"
  • Your Harsch Associates Berkshire Realtor will work to  understand your financial situation, family needs and can work with local financing institutions to get you into your new home.
  • Consider a condominium for your first home.  Recent studies suggest that single women currently make up approximately 47% of the condominium buyers in the United States. The reason is obvious if you think about it.  Condominiums are an increasingly popular choice for single women because of the various benefits such as convenience, security, and often virtually maintenance free living.  You will pay condominium association fees however you will receive many amenities that might not be possible to purchase when you begin making house payments.  These include such items as a pool, tennis court, common rooms, and off street parking facilities. 
  • For more information about women and home buying trends investigate these key search words online _ female home ownership, single woman and home ownership, women and condominiums, housing trends and women and financing a home for women