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When Is The Right Time To Buy A House

To Buy or not to Buy…That is the Question

Buying a house is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The debate between knowing when to rent and when to take the “buying plunge” is one of life’s many obstacles. Young, first-time owners may go back and forth between choosing to sign another lease or invest in their own home. The deliberation may resurface when families are seeking to downsize after the nest has emptied. So what factors should be considered when the ping-pong debate commences?

Both options come with their fair share of expenses. Let’s break them down for each:



Security Deposit

Down Payment

Monthly Rent

Property Taxes

Rental Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance



Pet Rent (if applicable)


Laundry (if applicable)



There is no clear-cut answer which is the “right” choice as it changes from case to case. This calculator can help when breaking down the costs by assessing whether renting or buying the property is the better choice for you at any given time. Based on monthly rent and longevity of stay, the decision is completely circumstantial and dependent on your needs. When deciding whether to rent or to buy, there is only one reply you can count on: do your research. By knowing your local housing market, your lifestyle, and your budget, you’ll be well-equipped to decide to buy or not to buy.