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Berkshire Homes Ceiling styles | Cathedral, Vaulted, Coffered Ceilings

Berkshires Home with Vaulted ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling. One wall higher than the other.

Berkshire home for sale coffered ceiling Williamstown MA

Berkshire home with coffered ceiling.


Berkshire homes for sale  with descriptions of cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings and coffered ceilings can be confusing.  Here are a few simple tips to distinguish the difference in ceilings.

The most common type of fancy ceiling in the Berkshires is the cathedral ceiling.  Home buyers know a cathedral ceiling because the ceiling has equal straight sloping side which meet in the middle of the ceiling.  The sides may show exposed rafters, or be decorated with beams which run up the sides of the ceiling or down the middle of the ceiling or both.

An unusual Berkshire County home ceiling is the coffered ceiling.  This type of Berkshire ceiling can be very expensive and also very beautiful.  The structure is built into the ceiling in box-like format.  The box sides can be drywall, expensive hard woods, or painted wood moldings.  The work is often artistic and visually impressive.  The Berkshires home owner will need a fairly high ceiling to have the coffered ceiling installed.

Although less common than the cathedral ceiling  many Berkshire homes feature a vaulted ceiling.  The vaulted ceiling requires that one wall be higher than the other with ceiling slanting/curving  downward to the lowest wall.  This is a great way to expand the visual size of a room and many Berkshire home owners choose to do this when they remodel their Berkshires home because if planned right it will cost much less than expected.

Berkshire homes offer many different types and styles of interior design and ceilings allowing every Berkshire home buyer to find a home they love!