Living In Southern Vermont

Berkshire County and Southern Vermont Home Winter Care

Living in the Berkshires and Southern Vermont can be a very chilling experience.  Especially for Northern New England  property owners whose property is exposed to below zero temperatures all winter.  Did you know the most important home investment you can make in the winter season is preventing damage from frozen and burst [...]

Bennington VT Real Estate- Moose Bliss

Bennington Real Estate is offered through Harsch Associates Berkshires Real Estate Serving Southern Vermont for 31 years.  A top 10 tourist event in Southern Vermont is the yearly Moosefest.  Tourists come to see the most unusual flock of moose in Northern New England and indeed in the world.  Click the moose photo to see the entire flock in [...]

Berkshire Real Estate Agency | Compatible with your buying needs?

R.E.Harmony: Finding a compatible Berkshire Real Estate Agent


the commission for the sale of a house is almost always paid for by the seller, buyers are able to get assistance and information from Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Agents, usually at no cost to them. It is for this reason that the vast majority of Berkshire county [...]