Woodlands and Forest Land in the Berkshires

We all enjoy a walk in the woods, and we certainly all enjoy using many wood and paper products every day. Here in Western New England and Eastern New York we are extremely fortunate to have some of the healthiest and most prolific woodlands in the country. The forests that surround us are a source of beauty and the enjoyment of nature. They are also a source of many renewable timber products such as construction lumber, papers of all sorts, and some of the worlds finest hardwoods for furniture manufacturing. Owning productive forest land can be very rewarding on a personal level as well as a financial one. No wonder some of Americas largest pension, endowment, and investment funds such as John Hancock and Yale University have dedicated as much as 20% of their assets to land and timber investments.

The returns on these hard non-financial assets are historically very steady, and the natural growth of timber on the stump every year can be as much as 8% of the value. Harsch Land is very pleased to represent both buyers and sellers of timberland, or to facilitate Transactional Brokerage, a collaborative approach and the wave of the future in real estate. Paul Harsch has over 30 years experience with real estate.   Where active professional expertise is required, we work with the areas very best foresters who can professionally manage your property, or help you assess the quality and value of timber on property you are seeking to purchase. Forest land is frequently taxed at much lower rates than other types of property, too, with reductions of as much as 90% or more available to suitably enrolled properties.

Email paul@harschrealestate.com  or call him at 413-458-5000 to see just how much we can help you with woodland properties in the Berkshires.