Professional Land Services

We take pride in the Land Division of Harsch Associates. In establishing the land division, Harsch Associates recognized that there was an unfilled and growing niche for land expertise in real estate in our market area of Massachusetts- Vermont- New York state. Helping our clients and customers navigate the complexities of owning, valuing, buying, selling, and developing land takes a unique set of skills. We bring together a wide variety of knowledge about a very diverse range of subjects such as:

  1. Zoning and building regulations
  2. Engineering, surveying, excavating, and construction
  3. Environmental, conservation, and wetlands issues
  4. Title 5, septic, sewer and water concerns
  5. Forest and timberland management
  6. Mixed residential parcels with substantial acreage
  7. Designing a unique marketing or acquisition strategy tailored to our clients individual needs, or creating a collaborative approach between buyer and seller through Facilitation services.

We believe real land knowledge means a keen sense of the lay of the land, an ability to walk and read land, and an understanding of geography, botany, geology, animal life, weather, and topography. It also requires a unique marketing or acquisition approach very different from selling or buying other types of real estate. Financial, tax, and asset diversification issues all play a part as well. We have such knowledge in-house and while we are not experts in all of these diverse fields of specialty, we clearly have superior skills to the vast majority of real estate licensees.  As property values increase, it's more important than ever to help buyers and sellers maximize the highest and best use for their properties.

Every year the majority of Multiple Listing Service land listings expire without a sale. Why is this? At Harsch we believe one reason is because historically the real estate industry has lacked professionals skilled in land, leaving buyers and sellers in many cases without much needed guidance. Often, too, there are conflicting positions or expectations between buyers and sellers, and there is no one sufficiently knowledgeable to bridge the gap. Through our Transactional Brokerage capabilities, we can often facilitate these sales.

Contact Paul Harsch at 413-458-5000 or email for further information on Harsch Land, and how we can help you reach your goals.