Five Hot Reasons to Sell Your Berkshire Home in the Winter

Five Best Hot Reasons for Selling Your Home in the Berkshires in the COLD winter months

NUMBER ONE- You have much, much less competition in selling your Berkshire home in the winter.  Like chances of winning the lottery, the fewer the sellers the more likely a sell is to happen to you.  And the Berkshires are especially lovely during the winter months.

NUMBER TWO:  It is much easier to have curb appeal if you aren't dealing with mowing, brown grass, weeds and shrub trimming.  A bright and welcoming interior will be the focus of the buyer.  Much easier to clean and brighten the inside of your home than pull out the overgrown bushes and planting gardens.

NUMBER THREE:  The smell of fresh baked bread or stew and the warmth of a fireplace promote the feeling of home even before the buyers tour the house.  The Berkshires are beautiful however it is cold in the winter. in the mountains.  Buyers will happily spend much more time in a warm cozy well lit interior discussing how your home would fit their idea of living in the Berkshires.  The more time spent inside in the warmth of your home, the more likely an offer will be forthcoming.

NUMBER FOUR: More competition for your home loan application among local banks.  Working with local banks in the Berkshires in the darkest part of winter can brighten up your budget.  Buyers are more scarce and your business will be very attractive to local loan officers. 

NUMBER FIVE: The cost of moving is also more competitive in winter months as moving trucks and other items that are sought after in spring and summer languish on the shelves and in the lots.  You may be the first buyer in over a month to contact a mover and they will also price lower to get your business. Contractors needed for making changes are also less busy in the winter months.  You save money on loans, moving and repairs because you are the only game in town.

Call us today to learn more about the benefits of selling your home in the Berkshires in winter.  We have been there and done that over 3000 times.