Developing and Building in the Berkshires

Are you dazed and confused by terms like “perc tests”, “metes and bounds”, and “conservation easements”? On the other hand, perhaps you are a professional land developer or a seasoned real estate buyer and really know the ropes. Depending on your experience, land can be a very difficult subject for many people, if not downright unintelligible.

Our legal and real estate systems go all the way back to old England and the common law which originated there in the Middle Ages. No wonder it can be overwhelming. Add in all the modern requirements for clean drinking water and healthy sewage disposal, environmental concerns, layers of federal, state, and local laws, and many people can get very confused.

At Harsch Land we have the personnel and the tools to help you see your way through the woods in confidence. We understand many of these issues from your perspective, with the experience of hundreds of land transactions to back this up. When you need professional help and your project is beginning to take on life, we have an impressive array of engineers, contractors, surveyors, excavators, land planners, attorneys, and foresters at our service and at yours. Buying, selling, or developing land doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. Finally, if you are developing a property, when your project is completed and you are ready to take the final product to the market, we are there for you again. We are the professionals who can create the very best marketing and sales approach to get your ready-to-build land parcel or ready-to-sell new home sold into the marketplace. Harsch Associates has been a party to over $340 million in property sales representing thousands of transactions during our more than 27 years in the Berkshire market. We have the skills and experience to get the job done for you.

We offer every Williamstown Real Estate, Stockbridge Real Estate, Lenox Real Estate and Great Barrington Real listing on our Website.  We serve the entire of Berkshire County and the Berkshires.  Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate is your source for land..

Email Paul Harsch or call him at 413-458-5000.your Paul has more than 30 years in real estate and can help you attain your goals with confidence. We have the answers.