Harsch Associates Commercial Investment Department

For more than three decades, Paul Harsch and Harsch Associates have been instrumental in hundreds of commercial and investment real estate transactions throughout the region ranging from multi-family investment properties to industrial buildings, restaurants to retail and from medical to professional office space. In addition, business people, investors, lawyers, accountants, and bankers have recommended and benefited from the advice, skill and guidance of Mr. Harsch, who holds numerous professional designations earned over years of experience and study. Mr. Harsch prides himself on going far beyond simple brokerage, delving into the real needs and aspirations of his clients and customers to unearth potential, to solve seemingly insurmountable obstacles, streamlining complex issues, bringing about resolution of intractable differences, adding value wherever possible.

From the beginnings of his career in 1975, Paul Harsch has watched as real estate, like much of life, has become increasingly complex with each passing year due to the ever growing regulatory environment we live in. Fluctuations in the nation’s and region’s economy also impact value and potential. Mr. Harsch stays closely on top of trends so his clientele may position themselves realistically in any market.

Like any other good or service for sale, real estate can be viewed similarly, and factors such as location, supply and demand, condition, market trends all play important roles in determining highest and best use and value.

Knowledge, skill and integrity are hallmarks of the services offered by Harsch Associates. When exceptional professional skills are sought, Harsch Associates can fill that need.