New Lebanon NY

new lebanon ny property for sale columbia county property for sale horse property for saleNew Lebanon is the original home of the Shakers and was founded from Canaan NY.  It was home to 609 members of the Mount Lebanon Shaker Society in the early 1800's.  Now the Shaker buildings have been converted into the Darrow School and the Sufi center Abode of the Message.

The beauty of New Lebanon is the town's proximity to the large metropolitan area's such as New York City and Boston while far enough from those hubs of activity to be easily reach.

New Lebanon is the perfect location to consider purchasing a second home if you are a city dweller or purchasing a retirement home if you are ready for the country life. 

The north part of the town line is the border of Rensselaer County, New York, and the east town line is the border of Berkshire County, Massachusetts.   New Lebanon is an attractive alternative to Berkshire County offering more privacy and seclusion with larger acreage available for much less cost.

New Lebanon is also a great place to consider creating or engaging in equestrian activities.  With the wide open spaces and large amounts of acreage availabe it is the perfect place for a horse stable, boarding stable and riding barns.  The ambience is pure clear country air with a back drop of sophisticated country living. 

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