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Photography and Berkshire Real Estate Market Online Viewing

Photography Tips for Marketing Your Berkshire Home For Sale

Selling Williamstown Real Estate and marketing your Berkshire Home to potential buyers can means the first look they have at your Berkshire home makes the most important first impression.  Most first looks are found online and the property is judged by the quality of the photography.   Harsch Real Estate wants to offer your home for sale in the very best way. We have compiled a short list of how you can guarantee that your Williamstown Home will get second and third looks on the many real estate websites out there.Williamstown Real Estate For Sale Photography

Tip #1:  Clear off counters in every room but especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.  Try to remember a recent hotel or condo you rented.  One of the reasons you chose that favorite place was because it looked clean and inviting.  Empty Counters and Clean Bathrooms allows the buyer to see the property as their home.  Isn't that the desired outcome when you are selling your home.  Professional photographers understand the distraction factor caused by clutter on any surface.

Tip #2:  Remove photos and memorabilia from the refrigerator.  You are a proud grandparent and you love your family members however you want the potential buyer to imagine their grandchildren and family on the fridge.  It is a small thing, but a strong reminder that this may not be the home for them.  Allow your potential buyers to put themselves in the house even if only in their imagination at first.

Tip #3:  Make the beds with attractive comforters and shams.  Your are seeking a positive feedback on every aspect of your home.  Your potential buyers are your guests during their tour of your house.  Make them feel like welcome guests at a shiny Bed and Breakfast spot.  Put your emotions last and the buyers needs and dreams first.  

Tip #4;  It goes without saying that pets should be out of sight or kenneled and with you when your home is photographed or shown to a potential buyer. Your buyer may not have pets or may have them, either way you want the buyer to imagine how much their family pet would love the home also.

Tip #5:  Pick up clutter such as old magazines, dirty clothes, piles of laundry and overflowing trash cans.  Take out all trash before the showing leaving only clean waste bins and a freshly clean aroma of home.