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Homes for Sale in the Berkshires| Best Buys Begin in January?

Homes For Sale In The Berkshires| Best Buys Can Be Found In January.  Why?

1. The least motivated sellers have pulled their homes off the market.  Those Berkshire home sellers that remain on the market often have a more urgent need to sell which can be anything from a new job in another location outside of the Berkshires to deciding that they no longer have need of a second home in the Berkshires.  The kids have grown and moved off into their own social circles.  Planning for families getting together in the Berkshires is nigh impossible once children mature and have families of their own.

2. Berkshire Realtors have more time on their hands during the winter months. You will receive more dedicated service and may even get inside information on homes that may come back onto the market in the spring.  You can get a jump on the competition by seeking a one day showing contract of those homes that have been pulled from the market.  Your Realtor will have more time to spend with you and can help you find bargain buys that will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  

3.  Jack Frost can motivate a home seller.  The long dark days of winter can increase the need to escape from the burden of a no longer needed home and move on.  Plus you can evaluate how well the home is insulated, what the cost of heating the home is during the winter months, how access may be limited during the snow filled days and if the home is cozy or cold during winter. 

4. Lenders are more motivated to give you a great interest rate and attract your mortgage business.  Just like Realtors who may have extra time to spend with you during January and February, lenders may find themselves lacking business during the winter months.  You will likely have more offers from loan officers for better rates plush more attention from your loan officer.  Mortgage approval and closing dates can occur much faster during the slow months of winter.  

5. Guaranteed lowest prices of the year.  When the sun comes back and optimism rises you can also watch the price of  Berkshire houses rise as well. More sellers with higher expectations and lower motivation will likely come into the market to take their chances of a random sale during the summer months.  Often the least motivated sellers come onto the market in April and May.  Many of these sellers don't need to sell their homes however they are taking a chance that they will make a tidy profit if someone wants the home enough to over pay for it.  These seller will typically place their homes on the market for 90-120 days then pull it back off when no buyer decides to over pay for the home. 

All in all if you are a thrifty home buyer who is looking for quality at a reasonable price then you need to reach out to your Harsch Associates Realtor during January and February for a chance at the best deal on your Berkshires Home.  Call us today at 413-458-5000 to begin your search.