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Berkshire Real Estate Agent| She Works Hard For The Money And So Does He



There is often a lack of understanding between Realtors® and clients about what services are being provided during the sale of a home.  Many of the benefits that a real estate Agent offers are performed behind the scenes.  Homeowners assume that selling a Berkshire home is a simple matter of placing a “sale” sign in front of the house, putting the home on the internet and waiting for phone calls

Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate Full-Service Realtors® do so much more for you upfront without cost to you that is unseen.  Keep in mind that your Realtor® does not receive any compensation unless a successful closing occurs.  If you drop your price the Realtor® loses a portion of his/her commission at the same time.

Prior to the closing all the monetary costs are borne by the agency and if you decide to switch agencies that money is forever lost.  Media Marketing is costly whether in print, magazine, website, or specialty internet sites and pages.  Even simple Facebook advertising is expensive.

During the normal course of a home sale (or purchase), there are more than two-hundred procedures, processes, actions, review stages, and research steps that will typically be provided by your Agent.  Because it is our job to work with real estate every day, so many of the things that we do to facilitate a successful residential transaction are done without thought of explanation, because it is part of the job with which we are so familiar.  Some of those tasks could take merely minutes, some could take hours, and some will even take days to complete.  Some on the list may not be necessary, while many others that could not have been foreseen will be added.

It is imperative to have someone on your side who understands this process intimately, and whose knowledge, level of skill, and attention to detail is apparent.  This list is not at all inclusive if someone is facing a foreclosure or Short Sale, and each transaction will obviously have its own unique sets of challenges, but here is a brief overview of what your Realtor is doing to help facilitate the sale of your home:


PRE-LISTING: A lot goes in to getting ready for the initial listing appointment. After an initial phone call, we will verify City Records and previous sales, do a thorough Market Analysis, prepare documentation. This process generally takes several hours before we even meet with a prospective Client.

  1. Make appointment with Seller for listing presentation
  2. Pull property City and tax records
  3. Pull old MLS listing, if applicable
  4. Order Owner & Encumbrance Report
  5. Research property's current use and zoning
  6. Research and verify legal description of property
  7. Pull comps on Active, Sold, Pending, Withdrawn, Expired, and Cancelled Listings
  8. Research "Average Days on Market" for property of this type and location
  9. Prepare Comparative Market Analysis
  10. Print Map of property and comps
  11. Prepare Agency Disclosure
  12. Prepare Listing Contract
  13. Prepare Seller's Property Disclosure
  14. Prepare Closing Instructions
  15. Prepare Lead-Based Obligations of Seller
  16. Prepare Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  17. Prepare Mold Disclosure
  18. Prepare Source of Water Addendum
  19. Prepare Square Footage Disclosure
  20. Prepare Seller's Request for Verification of Loan Information
  21. Prepare Showing Instructions
  22. Prepare Pre-Listing Packet
  23. Order delivery of Pre-Listing Packet
  24. Confirm time to meet with Seller
  25. Inform Seller to have a copy of their key made for the lockbox

LISTING APPOINTMENT: Meet with Seller to discuss market, pricing strategy, and options. Determine financial and time needs. Would working together be mutually beneficial? Prepare Net Proceeds for Seller. Discuss Staging of the property. If proceeding, fill out paperwork.

  1. Give Seller an overview of current market conditions and projections
  2. Discuss Comparative Market Analysis
  3. Discuss pricing strategy based on professional judgment and market
  4. Discuss goals with Seller to market effectively, including schedule for selling
  5. Explain role in taking calls to screen for qualified Buyers
  6. Discuss safety of lock box
  7. Discuss Agency
  8. Discuss Contract and all other disclosures
  9. Discuss availability of Home Owner's Warranty
  10. Have Seller sign all paperwork
  11. Assist Seller with completion of Seller's Property Disclosure form
  12. Discuss things that need to be done in home
  13. Staging Packet to Seller
  14. Get loan payoff information
  15. Explain how showings are set up in Centralized Showing Service
  16. Have Seller choose preferred flyer template
  17. Get copies of leases, if applicable
  18. Ask for floor plan, upgrades, special features, detailed list of amenities, if available
  19. Ask them what they love about their home, and why someone would want to purchase
  20. Discuss concept of 10 showings should produce an offer

AFTER LISTING APPOINTMENT: Place sign, lockbox, directional. Take measurements and pictures (after Staging). Verify all information and enter into MLS. Design flyers, do all internet input to multiple sources, make web page, show property to prospective Buyers, discuss property with other Agents, Broker Open, if applicable.

  1. Copies of all documents
  2. Prepare Seller Net Sheet based on List price
  3. Measure interior rooms
  4. Measure exterior of home
  5. Assist Seller in Staging home for maximum price and quickest sale
  6. Help Seller stage home, or hire professional
  7. Take interior pictures after Staging
  8. Take exterior pictures in good weather
  9. Select best pictures, edit, and download
  10. Put in yard sign and directional
  11. Get extra key and install Lockbox
  12. Enter listing to MLS and verify all information
  13. Download best pictures to MLS
  14. Download disclosures to MLS
  15. Make copies of disclosures
  16. Leave several copies of disclosures at property
  17. Check MLS for Matching Buyers
  18. Design flyers for Matching Buyers to mail to Realtors
  19. Input Seller into Management System
  20. Design mailers and postcards to Realtors
  21. Design flyers
  22. Have flyers printed
  23. Design "Just Listed" cards and "Pick Your Neighbors"
  24. Mail Realtor, Neighbor, and Matching flyers/cards
  25. Deliver flyers
  26. Make virtual tour
  27. Compile list of completed repairs and maintenance items Seller has done
  28. Verify HOA fees and disclosures, if applicable
  29. Mail (or email) Contract to Seller - include MLS printout and projected Seller Net Sheet
  30. Call in Home Owner Warranty, if applicable
  31. Listing to Berkshire Flex Multiple Listing System
  32. Input listing into Centralized Showing
  33. Enhance listing in, add video
  34. Input additional pictures and info to Trulia, add video
  35. Input additional pictures and into to Zillow, add video
  36. Put listing on all relevant sites
  37. Make "Special Features" cards
  38. Calculate average utility usage for last twelve months
  39. Set any number of showings
  40. Return all phone calls - weekdays and weekends
  41. Verify with Seller after first few that Showing Instructions are being followed
  42. Add daily activities to eContracts
  43. Call/email Seller weekly to keep updated
  44. Reprint and supply flyers as needed
  45. Input all showings into Centralized Showing and eContracts
  46. Discuss feedback regularly with Seller
  47. Discuss Open House
  48. Show house any number of times to prospective Buyers
  49. If interested, get Buyer pre-qualified
  50. Do CMA every 10 showings or every few weeks
  51. Call Seller with strategy if CMA different
  52. Amend/Extend if monetary change
  53. Change MLS, if applicable
  54. If price changed, send out email BLAST to previous Agents who showed home
  55. Reprint flyers
  56. Deliver flyers

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: Thoroughly review and discuss all offers, review Buyer's financial qualifications and details of offer, prepare Net Sheet for Seller with offered numbers, negotiate and renegotiate as many times as it takes, sign offer or counter.

  1. Receive and thoroughly review all offers submitted
  2. Pre-negotiate with other Agent before writing, if applicable
  3. Discuss Buyer's financial qualifications, terms, and times
  4. Discuss exclusions, dates, etc. with other Agent
  5. Review Contract Addendum thoroughly
  6. Evaluate offer(s) and prepare a "Net Sheet" on each offer for Seller
  7. Discuss offer with Seller
  8. Negotiate the offer and options
  9. Get pre-qualification letter
  10. Sign offer or prepare Counterproposal, if necessary
  11. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptances, or amendments
  12. Acceptance Deadline Time
  13. Renegotiate however many times necessary and finalize
  14. Make applicable copies
  15. Convey signed copies to other Agent

AFTER CONTRACT SIGNED BY ALL PARTIES: Make sure all Contracts and disclosures signed properly. Deliver Earnest Money and Contract to Title Company, order Title Commitment. Order payoff from mortgage company, meet all deadlines, coordinate inspections and appraisal, explain moving and closing issues with Seller.

  1. Order Title work
  2. Make copy of Earnest money and Contract
  3. Deliver check and Contract to Title Company
  4. Notate dates on calendar
  5. Send date sheet to Seller
  6. Do necessary paperwork for unusual conditions
  7. If Seller and Buyer both our clients, do Change of Status Notice
  8. Copies of leases and damage deposit receipts, if applicable
  9. Order payoff
  10. Seller's Property Disclosure Deadline
  11. Inspection Objection Deadline
  12. Resolution Deadline
  13. Property Insurance Objection Deadline
  14. Change status on MLS and print to verify
  15. Review all paperwork for signatures
  16. Get all necessary signatures
  17. If mail-out, get instructions and addresses
  18. Notify Title Company of Mail out
  19. If POA needed, get original from Title Company
  20. Get POA signed and notarized
  21. "Under Contract" info letter to Seller
  22. Signed copies of Contract to Seller
  23. Remind Seller to notify Utility Company to stop service and do a "final read"
  24. Discuss with Seller advantages/disadvantages to continued showings
  25. Discuss what happens if other offers come in between Contract and Closing
  26. Change showing instructions in Centralized Showing
  27. Referral agent needed for Sellers new location?
  28. Resolve any Title Disputes
  29. Resolve any Off Record Matters
  30. Deliver unrecorded property information to Buyer
  31. Have Seller notify Utilities, phone, cable, etc.
  32. Mail "The Moving Guide" with Change-of-address forms to Seller
  33. Set up closing time
  34. Call Buyer's Agent and coordinate closing time
  35. Verify closing date and time and make all parties aware
  36. Mail time-verification of closing and directions to Seller
  37. Assist in solving any Title problems (boundary disputes, easements, etc.)
  38. Assist in obtaining Death Certificates, if applicable
  39. Cleaning needs (e.g. carpet, kitchen, etc.) upon move-out
  40. Discuss mover and time-frame for move-out with Seller
  41. HOME INSPECTION: Make arrangements with all parties to coordinate inspection. Thoroughly review inspection report with Seller. Discuss items, willingness and advisability to fix, estimate of costs. Make arrangements with appropriate contractors and vendors to have items fixed.
  42. Set up Inspection
  43. Coordinate time with Seller, Agents, Buyer, Inspector
  44. Review Notice of Unsatisfactory Conditions with Seller
  45. Help Seller negotiate Inspection Objections
  46. Help Seller with repair estimates or a credit at closing
  47. Copy of Inspection Notice to file
  48. Verify prior to closing that all repairs have been made
  49. Get copies of repair receipts
  50. Fax copies of receipts to other Agent

THE APPRAISAL: Do current Market Analysis on property value. Coordinate and meet with Appraiser. Make sure appraisal done in timely manner. Options if appraisal is low. Any appraisal conditions? Coordinate fixing items, if noted. Schedule final inspection.

  1. Set up appraisal
  2. Coordinate time with Seller, Agents, Buyer, Appraiser
  3. Do current CMA for appraiser
  4. Meet appraiser with CMA
  5. If VA, make sure CRV ordered and completed
  6. Track Appraisal Deadline
  7. Verify appraisal completed and satisfactory
  8. If appraisal low, discuss options with Seller
  9. Discuss any conditions on appraisal with Seller
  10. Schedule final inspection on appraisal conditions, if applicable
  11. Verify all conditions met prior to closing
  12. TRACKING THE LOAN PROCESS: Track the Buyer's loan progress with other Agent. Make sure all dates and deadlines are met. Keep Seller apprised of current situation. If Contract falls, begin from the beginning. Release of Earnest Money if within Contract dates.
  13. All paperwork to Lender
  14. Make contact with Lender and verify Buyer information
  15. Loan Application Deadline
  16. Buyer's Credit Information Deadline
  17. Disapproval of Buyer's Credit Information Deadline
  18. Existing Loan Documents Deadline
  19. Existing Loan Documents Objection Deadline
  20. Loan Transfer Approval Deadline
  21. Contact Lender weekly to ensure processing of loan approval is on track
  22. Notify Seller of loan approval
  23. IF CONTRACT FALLS: Begin from the beginning. Sign all documentation to terminate, and Release of Earnest Money if within Contract dates. Reinstate on MLS and all internet sites. Reissue flyers and start marketing process again.
  24. Fill out all necessary paperwork
  25. Re-input into MLS
  26. Sign Release of Earnest Money forms
  27. Repeat all previous steps
  28. CLOSING PREPARATIONS AND DUTIES: Schedule a walk-thru with all parties. Confirm that all dates are being met, confirm if mail-out, POAs or other documents needed. Review closing documents and verify that all figures are correct. Deal with all last-minutes crises, make sure Seller brings keys, ID and GDOs.
  29. Schedule walk through with Buyer, Buyer's Agent, Seller, Vineyard Properties
  30. Verify with Seller how proceeds of sale being received
  31. If mail-out, verify correct mailing address
  32. Confirm mail-out with Closer
  33. Title Deadline
  34. Title Objection Deadline
  35. Survey Deadline
  36. Survey Objection Deadline
  37. Document Request Deadline
  38. CIC Documents Objection Deadline
  39. Off-Record Matters Deadline
  40. Off-Record Matters Objection Deadline
  41. Right of First Refusal Deadline
  42. Property Insurance Objection Deadline
  43. Coordinate Possession Date and Possession Time
  44. Prepare disbursement authorizations
  45. Notify Title Company of any Amend/Extends or date/money changes
  46. Last minute bills and receipts faxed to Closer including HOW, if applicable
  47. Make sure Closer has all addenda, correct price, rents, or applicable credits
  48. Discuss closing figures with Closer
  49. Check final figures for accuracy
  50. Call Seller and discuss final figures 24 hours prior to closing
  51. Remind Seller to bring picture ID, keys, door openers, receipts, etc.
  52. If not receiving proceeds at closing, discuss Seller's need for Cashier's Check
  53. Deal with all last-minute crises
  54. Check file for any unsigned documents
  55. Coordinate this closing with Seller's next purchase and resolve timing issues
  56. Have a no surprise closing so that Seller receives proceeds at closing

POST SALE: Enter the sales data to MLS and records for County. Remove signs, directionals, and Lockbox. Make sure file is completed and have it copied to disc. Change MLS to SOLD

  1. Change MLS to "SOLD"
  2. Enter sales data for County Records
  3. Scan entire file to disc
  4. Store hard file at outside location
  5. Copy HUD-1 and put in pre-addressed envelope
  6. Remove sign, directional, and brochure box
  7. Remove lockbox
  8. Mail out disc of all paperwork to Seller
  9. Mail out HUD-1 in January to Seller for tax purposes

Thank you and credit to Mimi Foster- Colorado Springs for compiling this list of activities that your Harsch Associates Berkshire Full Service Realtor(@) performs for each listing.  It is a 24-7 job and we do it proudly!  Call 413-458-5000 and list with us today for customized devoted service.