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Stockbridge MA Home

Stockbridge MA Main Street in Holiday Dress
Stockbridge MA Main Street in Holiday Dress

What do I really want when I sell my Stockbridge MA  home?

These are a few of the things I certainly want.   I want an excellent price when I sell my Stockbridge MA  home.  Preferably a  specific price for my Stockbridge house because I am a seller who knows the value of property in Stockbridge MA.  I want the house sold within 6 months.  So I will hire a Real Estate Broker and hope this person will deliver what I want within six months.  Also I want a Real Estate Broker who will understand my needs and be there for me.  Sounds simple, right?  Well yes and no.

Actually what I really want is the life that comes after my Stockbridge home is sold.  The sale of my Stockbridge home is just a means to get me to the next stage or phase of my life. I may want to retire or maybe want a larger home for my growing family.  Maybe I am facing a job transfer or lifestyle change. Whatever the reason for selling, I have a purpose and  selling my Stockbridge MA home  is just a means to getting to my goal.

What could a Real Estate Broker say to me that would  increase my chances of selling my Stockbridge MA home within six months for the price I want?   What do I need to do to make this Stockbridge MA home  sale possible?   Let me share a a story that a Berkshire County Real Estate Broker shared with me when we discussed selling my Stockbridge home.

The Real Estate Broker shared with me the story of some clients from Stockbridge MA  who were interested in selling their home.  This couple  had lived in their Stockbridge home for 40+ years, raised their children, enjoyed careers, the community and loved their home. Finally after all these wonderful years they decided they were ready for a whole new phase of life, in a retirement community condo. They had done all the research, picked out the condo  they wanted to purchase in the new location  and knew when their unit would be ready.

This Stockbridge MA couple  had a crystal clear picture of where they were going.  They were focused on the future.  Putting their lovely Stockbridge home on the market was a stage along their journey to their new life. They were already moved into their new condo in their imaginations.  They saw themselves socializing with their new friends, enjoying their grand children and traveling more without the worry of a large home to tie them down.

This is where the story of selling their Stockbridge MA  home became relevant to my own home sale.  The advice of their Real Estate Broker (who had done a Stockbridge MA home comparative market analysis and suggested a strategic price for their Stockbridge MA home) made all the difference in helping them reach their ultimate goal of moving on to the next stage in their life.  They followed the advice of their Real Estate Broker which resulted in the home going under contract within one month and then closing within the standard time frame for closings.

Were they motivated?  Yes they were.  Did they set a price based on their previous enjoyment and  love of the Stockbridge home?  No they did not.  They set their price based on actual recent home sales in Stockbridge MA.  In fact they considered pricing slightly lower than the current Stockbridge market value because they had emotionally moved on and were planning for a bright future in their new condo.   The Real Estate Broker however suggested that they price within current market value and they did.  Happily their story had a wonderful ending and they have since moved into their new condo.

As I consider selling my Stockbridge MA home I am going to consider whether or not I truly want to move on.  Even if I am not committed to moving on I may still decide list my home on the market.   I will price my home above the current market value for Stockbridge real estate and hope for a windfall.  After all I could get lucky.  Right? Actually that is not right.

I could jeopardize selling my Stockbridge MA  home in the future by ignoring good strategic pricing.  This will result in my home being on the market for months or years without a buyer. When I am truly  ready to move on I will price my Stockbridge home strategically to attract the most buyers and sell within a reasonable time frame.  Now I need to carefully consider if I am ready for this home sale.