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Stockbridge Homes for Sale

Stockbridge homes  for sale this week  (October 10, 2014) number around 75.  Stockbridge is a small New England  town whose population

what to see in Stockbridge
Scenic Stockbridge MA

numbers about 2,000 during the winter months but swells to double that number during the spring, summer and fall as tourists flock to Stockbridge.   You are sure to find a castle or cottage that meets your desires when browsing through our selection of Stockbridge homes for sale.

Stockbridge offers second home owners and snow birds a very desirable destination for weekends, vacations and summer months.  Stockbridge is perhaps best known for the industrial and railroad barons who flocked to the Berkshires during the golden age of American industry.  While escaping the steamy confines of New York City the wealthy elite could socialize and enjoy the cool mountain breezes of the Berkshires in their vast and richly appointed "Berkshire Cottages."

Stockbridge in the 21st century becomes a cultural center unlike any other in the country.  Homes that date to before the Revolutionary War stand cheek to jowl with homes that rival the castles of Europe.  Manhattanites still flee the city for the open air and relaxing ambience of the Berkshires found in Stockbridge.   Stockbridge seems to have captured and held the elegance of the "Golden Age" while enhancing that elegance with the diamonds of music, dance and theater.  I think the barons and baronesses would approve of the modern Stockbridge MA.

We will share some of the "diamonds" to be found in Stockbridge in our next blog.  Take a moment to visit our Stockbridge home page and sample the castles and cottages available.  Enjoy touring the most luxurious Stockbridge home on the market to the most affordable cottage in Stockbridge.