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Berkshire Williamstown MA |Moving a Home

dawn of suburban traffice.3

Dawn of Suburban Traffic. Williams College Senior Art Show features the Walden House move down Main Street past Williams College..

April 1987 the Walden House was moved from its former home on Spring Street Williamstown MA to 311 Main Street to become the new location of Harsch Associates Harsch Associates Berkshire Real Estate.  On October 19th at the Williamstown Historical Museum Paul Harsch will talk about the move of the Walden House and include video taken that day.  He will also discuss many other homes which have been moved in Williamstown MA, where they were and where they are now.  The Lecture begins at 11:00 AM at the Williamstown Historical Museum at the town Library. -- at Williamstown MA USA.

Below is an excerpt from the North Adams Transcript dated Thursday April 23, 1987.

" Moving day takes on a new meaning as Walden House gets a new home"  as reported by Alison Gendar.   R.G. Bolduc of Hicks Building Movers watched as 7/8 inch steel cables slowly pulled the Walden House over the waiting foundation hole on the Harsch property at 311 Main Street.  "Not every house goes this smoothly," Bolduc said of the nearly eight hours needed to move the 75 foot long house a little over a mile.  "Once when we were moving a house, we put on the brakes and the house just kept going.  Luckily we caught it."

Williams College Students got in on the event by taking this photo and others which were presented at the 1987 Senior Studio Show.

Walden and Fleming 2011

Williamstown MA Harsch Associates Real Estate Agency office building - Walden House moved from Spring Street to Main Street April 22, 1987.

More on the story of the moving a home and especially moving a home in Williamstown will be discussed at the lecture on October 19, 2013 at 11:00 AM.