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Tempting Berkshire Home Buyers in the Winter

Tips for Tempting Winter Season Buyers

Tips to Brighten your Home for Winter Buyers
          Brightening Your Home for Buyers
  • Use timers and Sensors to your advantage. Set your indoor lights and outdoor lights to be on when buyers are present.
  • Sparkle and Shine!  Clean anything that reflects light such as windows, chandeliers, bath enclosures and tile.  Polish chrome and mirrors. 
  • Bake cookies, but beware some buyers are disappointed when no cookies are set out for visitors.  Ease up on artificial scents as many buyers today are allergic to certain scents and deodorizers.
  • Create a mood.  Think of walking into a rented condominium on your first day of vacation.  What would make a lasting impression on you?  Place vases filled with flowers around the rooms.  Hang plush clean robes in the bathroom, and set up a grouping of guest soaps and washcloths rolled and tied with ribbons.
  • Turn on the heat.  Turn the heat to two degrees warmer than you normally do.  Then set the thermostat to normal.  This will prevent the HVAC from kicking on when buyers are present.  Some HVAC systems can be very loud.
  • Turn on every light in the house including appliance lights, and closet lights.  Turn off the TV.  Place spotlights behind furniture in rooms that have no windows or are naturally dark.
  • Place good summer photographs of your outdoor landscaping and flower gardens where buyers are sure to see them.
  • Most important of all- CLEAR A PATH-  shovel pathways clean and sprinkle with sand.  Put a rubber mat  by the door for shoes if the weather is wet.
  • Take a break and go shopping or to a friend's house and let your Realtor ® do the rest.  Leaving your home if possible during all showings is the best way to ensure buyers are comfortable discussing the home  with their agent.