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Real Estate Open Houses 24/7/365

It's now possible to visit homes for sale in the Berkshires and neighboring NY and VT any time of day or night, any time of the week or year with the latest innovation in marketing exclusively available from Harsch Associates, a leader in innovative marketing strategies for sellers since 1979.

This latest benefit to their clients offered by Harsch takes about two weeks to produce but once its completed, this unique virtual tour is up and running on for all the world to see. More than just a tour of the home, the Harsch Associates special approach is artistic, creative and visually attractive beyond the norm. The photography is masterful in capturing unique details and enhancing the appeal of the property by focusing in on highlights that are often overlooked and completely missing from the traditional approach to virtual tours.

Virtual tours have been around in various forms for the last 6 or 8 years. The typical example is now a patchwork of photos taken from a single location in a room thus creating the impression of a 360o view of a given space. Fine if you have a lot of time to watch. These tours can be laboriously long with lots of gaps in between rooms. By contrast, the Harsch Associates tour captures the entire property in 6 to 9 minutes, inside and out and thanks to the innovative approach, it can capture the real essence of the property without needing to include details or parts of a room with objects for example, that you would not want seen on the internet due to high value or personal reasons.

So, no need to hold those long and typically unproductive traditional Open Houses. National statistics prove that only 1% of homes are ever sold through a traditional open house. The professional virtual tours done by Harsch capture the mood and essence of the property conveying much greater appeal to a potential buyer while helping to sort out the qualified buyers from the casual lookers. For Sale By Owners who hope to sell their homes using limited marketing and holding an open house are usually sorely disappointed. If they do eventually succeed in selling themselves, national averages demonstrate they do so usually at a lower selling price with a whole lot more work and risk, than using a broker with all the tools a top flight broker has to offer.

Buyers of FSBO homes understand they have the advantage not the seller and are savvy enough to use that advantage to get a lower price. The seller who had hoped to "save the broker's fee" not only usually gives that away up front but then loses much more through the negotiating and inspection process, losses that a truly experienced broker knows how to limit or even eliminate completely.

And beware, all brokers are not created equal. There are huge differences between skill levels and results delivered. We are not talking milk here. Agents may or may not be full time, they may or may not have a highly effective web site and the statistics to prove its effectiveness, they may or may not be members of IDX and therefore be able to show literally all active listings on their web site, they may or may not know the best time to have inspections and appraisals done to save you thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars, they may or may not have full time staff and therefore be able to respond instantly to inquiries or needs, they may or may not have professional office space with privacy for confidentiality within the office, they may or may not have the latest technology in the office. In short, there is a wide differential separating the top agencies from the rest. Even the number of listings may not be a perfect gauge as to an agency's overall rate of success.

Which agency sells their listings fastest at the highest ratio of list to selling price? At Harsch Associates, listings typically are selling in half the time that their chief competitor takes and much closer to list price. They will gladly show you the statistical analysis to prove it.

The very best 24/7/365 Open House Virtual Tours are available right now at with more being added each week.

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