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Williamstown real estate - The Berkshire's best kept secret

Williamstown MA may be the best place to live in the Berkshires.  Those of us fortunate enough to live in Williamstown are really rather reluctant to tell too many people about it because, well, we like it like this. Everyone knows how beautiful Martha's Vineyard and Block Island are, how swanky the Hamptons are, how upscale Newport is, and just how crowded and expensive they all are but well, again, we really would rather keep Williamstown the way it is. So you see, with only one traffic light, no malls, no McDonalds, and yes, really, no traffic, we love it like this. We love the unspoiled vistas of mountains surrounding the valley in ever changing hues as each season progresses. We love the quaint small historic shopping street of town, we love the fact that Williams College is the raison d'être of the town and provides art, theatre, music and fabulous facilities they share with the community of only 6,000 souls plus their own 2,000 students. It's the best small liberal arts college in the entire US, so says US News just about every year. 

So, in case you like scenery to relish year 'round, in case you like safe and quiet streets with no traffic, no crime that I know of (well actually I did hear that there was a camera taken from the front seat of an unlocked car with its windows open, one summer) , reasonably priced real estate, and so long as you don't tell too many other people about it, we hope you'll consider checking out what life would be like for you, at any age and stage of life, here in the fabulous Berkshires. We still have a few places available.

See you soon we hope.


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