Blog :: 2008

Berkshire Real Estate is our profession.  Here at Harsch Associates Real Estate we have sold over $527 Million Dollars of property all over the Berkshires including Williamstown, Lenox, Stockbridge and Great Barrington.  As a Realtor Emeritus, Paul Harsch has more than 40 years of experience in guiding sales to closings.  Our real estate agents offer the professionalism you expect from Top Producers.  Call us today to begin your journey from sale to SOLD. 

The very best place to get a mortgage!

In the go go '90's mortgage brokers were writing an ever increasing percentage of loans, taking business away from the traditional lenders, the banks and S & L's. Many of us well remember the so called S & L crisis from the 70's when there were unfortunate abuses taking place that sank some major S & L's, principally in the west and [...]

Is this the time to buy?

Traditionally, buyers in the northeast are pretty scarce from the beginning of November until around mid February. Why? Weather, job cycles, holidays. Some years have seen exceptions such as the winter of '04-'05 and one or two winters during my 34 year career but those are rare. Much more common are the slow winter months when buyers, like [...]

Agency and Facilitation

Real estate licensees vs. Realtors®. Anyone who expects to collect a fee for selling real estate must be licensed. A large percentage of licensees are members of the National Association of Realtors®, the trade organization of the profession. Only members of NAR and the state and local boards may participate in MLS, Multiple Listing Service [...]